Permanent Makeup Training

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​​*New* Digital Microblading Eyebrows

A contemporary form of microblading able to produce fine digital lines to achieve a natural eyebrow.

Permanent Makeup & Micro-Blading Training
In-depth, hands on course that covers topics including: 

  • State regulations and licensing
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Color theory
  • Artistic design
  • Practice simulation
  • Live model procedure
  • Business plan and  marketing
  • Facility design and supplies

Completing this course will give you the knowledge to start a career in Permanent Makeup.

Advanced Permanent Makeup Artists Program

This program will teach you the artistic technique of Micro- Blading.

Permanent Makeup Refresher Course
This course was designed to provide additional hands on training and is priced based on the amount of time needed. It was designed to provide the technician with personalized one-on-one time with our trainer to gain more practical experience.

Para-Medical 8-hour Program
After taking the permanent makeup class, you may advance your education and learn technical procedures such as aerola repigmentation or restoration, needling and scar softening. We have also added to this program Anti-aging needling with the use of  a Nano needle device.